Rolling out of Yellowstone

Our brief stay in Yellowstone brought about a chilly morning as we woke up to frost on our tents at 7am. Reports said that the temperatures was supposed to fall to 29 degrees that night, making it the chilliest night we had yet to encounter. Camping and the slowness brought about by the cold, led us to a slower than usual departure in the morning, however we had a short day ahead of us as we were traveling just beyond the park boundaries to West Yellowstone, MT. As we departed our campsite, we said good-bye to Max, a touring cyclist we’ve met up with several times throughout Wyoming. Max planned on staying another day in the park before heading south and eventually out to the Redwoods along the California coast.
With a breakfast of cereal, fruit, and Gatorade, graciously provided by Gabrielle’s parents and transported by her relatives, we headed out to see the sights in Yellowstone’s geyser basin. The day was by no means fast as we crossed the Continental Divide twice, watched Old Faithful erupt, and saw countless other geysers, paint pots, and the occasional bison on the side of the road, but we all were in by evening to enjoy a wonderful dinner of leftover chili, lo mein, and hot dogs. Tonight we gear up and prepare ourselves for crossing Montana…

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