Rest Day- a swarm of unexpected events. Rapid City 6/28/2010

So I haven’t been myself for the past couple of days.  Slightly removed, not my goofy, blonde normal.  I have a lump on my back.  For any other person who doesn’t have a history of cancer, this is usually something to not be alarmed about.  I am not one of those people, so something as simple as a dime size lump on my back sets me off.  I begin to panic and overthink things.  Remission is a scary time for someone who has had cancer.  A person in remiossion lives in fear and stress of recurrence.  My chances of recurrence are much better than others, however, the chance is there and I have had way too much time to think about it. I knew I would finally get things settled in Rapid City.  Doctor Day #2.

I stared my day off with a slew of phone calls trying to find a doctor closeby to tell my oncologist at home what they see from a medical standpoint.  After I found a place and wrote my cues to get there, I headed to Dairy Queen for brunch.  This trip may be described as a tour of Dairy Queens and gas stations across America. Needless to say, I ordered way too much food and did not fail to finish it.  Two hotdogs, two cheeseburgers and a medium (large) blizzard. 

Now that my stomach is filled, off to the docor.  Lauren and I treked to the doctor’s office.  We arrived to 1600 Mountain View Road, only to find that I wrote the cues down to the wrong office.  Panic.  I got some quick directions from the people that did work there and quickly forgot them.  Lauren was so happy I forgot them so fast!  Another wrong turn.  I called the intended office and asked for diections from where we were.  The receptionist pointed us in the right direction.  Lauren asked if I had asked for an address… I didn’t.  However, I said with confidence that it was at 3000 Sheridan Lake.  We were at 1000.  We biked.  Hills.  More hills.  Lauren’s knee is hurting.  I begin to get frustrated and worrysome.  I guess I am superstitious on doctor days.  Anything that goes wrong must point to something else that will go wrong.  We were both frustrated. 

More hills.  I am getting tired.  We didnt have our bike shoes on, so a ride over five miles gets extremely uncomfortable.  We go past the 3000′s into the 4000′s.  Nothing.  I promise Lauren we are on the right road…. again.  I begin to get angry at myself for not knowing the right way to the doctor’s office.  At about 4500, I get a flat.  I stop.  I lean over my handlebars and tear up.  Superstition.  I am overwhelmed with bad omens.  This can’t be good. Lauren picks me up and says that she is sure that there isn’t much more to go.  That motivates me to walk/run my bike to the office alongside Lauren coasting on her bike.  I begin to think, “I can only expect good news if all this bad stuff just happened.”  We arrived at the office at around number 7000.  Oops.  Guess I am never navigating again.

The trip to the doctor was quick.  I spent some time registering and checking up with a nurse and then awaited a doctor.  Lauren and I took some dramatic pictures of me in the chair (check her blog).  The doctor walked in, looked at my lump very quickly and said I have nothing to worry about.  Just a sac of blood.  Weird.  At least it doesn’t hurt.

The rest of our day off was spent making fake Subway applications, wearing deep vee t shirts and napping.  What a day.  Can’t wait for Rushmore tomorrow.

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