New diet. Buffalo, WY 7/1/2010

I-90 is one of the best roads to travel on.  The shoulder is wide and the grades are very forgiving.  For a biker, all you ave to do is worry about what is ahead of you.  Today was the first day that you could see the first range of the Rockies.  They don’t look very large from a distance…

In order to break the I4k speed record and to stop the progress of losing weight, Jordan and I began a new diet.  Fatty, fatty, fatty foods.  Some say it the extra weight will help me go faster down a mountain, others say it will make me throw up.  I’m fine with either.  To feed this hungry man diet, in addition to purchasing team food for the upcoming week, Jordan and I ate some chunky peanut butter and whole milk as a midnight snack.  Oh, and a subway sandwich that Mary didn’t want to finish. 

Today’s ride was filled with seventy miles of rolling hills with a great breakfast provided for in the morning.  As we arrived into Buffalo, a McDonald’s “M” graced the horizon.  It was no surprise to see that every member of the team stopped by for some food before arriving at the stayover.

Today, Pi and I checked the elevation charts of the Bighorn mountains and picked our spot for some speed.  Guess we will find out if it was worth it.

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  • Kathy McGinnis says:

    Eat, Stevie, eat!!! Really enjoying your stories and your enthusiasm! Love you, honey.

  • Hi Stephen,
    I was trying to think of what would be on your and Jordan’s new diet wish list — my husband and I were thinking of driving out to Maryhill this weekend and meet up with the group there on Sunday. Let me know if there’s anything special I could bring you skinny boys to fatten you up and make you happy.

  • Nancy Odon (Steve's Mom) says:

    Aunt Kathy is right. “Eat, Stevie, eat!” You better not be losing weight. We don’t want to see skeletons of you and Jordon in San Francisco. Wouldn’t all that ice cream along the way put a few pounds on you?

  • Joanne Mazurski (Lauren's Ma) says:

    Seriously, Steve, enjoy being able to eat to your heart’s content! You deserve every bite! Hugs!

  • Jeanne Sadowski says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thinking about you. Hope you are gaining weight. Aunt Kathy wants you to drink Chocolate Milk, she heard that it will help gain. Enjoy, can’t wait to hear and see pictures of your travels. XOXO. All my best to all the riders!

  • Cindy Trent says:

    Steve, remember I told you 200-300 calories of food/liquid per hour of riding. Eat, eat, eat!!! Aunt Kathy is right about chocolate milk. Great recovery drink as it has a great ratio of carbs and protein. If you see another McD’s, get a large chocolate shake!!!

  • Sue Chelf says:

    Steve, My dad Rudy still talks about seeing you and all of the riders. It was such a high point for him. Thank you. I am copying some of your journal to take it to him at Hope Lodge. You all continue to be his and our heroes. Sue Chelf

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