My life as a drop of water in yellowstone

Sometimes, I wish I was a drop of water.

I would start off as snow on top of the mountain, over-looking the beautiful trees, valleys, and the winding road where I4k bikers would later climb up and then cruise down on. When the sun comes out, I would melt into a drop of water and flow down into one of the many waterfalls that a little I4k rider thought she would definitely have stopped to jump in if not for the long climb she still had to do. I would have the time of my life sliding down those rocks and falling into the river below.

Flowing along the river, I would see a group of I4k riders skipping stones (or trying to) and dipping their feet in the cool water while munching on some nuts and an apple. I would end up in a lake, where a huge clumsy bison stops to get a drink. A fox comes along and they begin to complain about a group of people on bicycles gawking at them as if they were aliens and getting all excited about being that up close. A chipmunk overhears their conversation and adds that he too heard a bunch of cyclists approaching and hid underground. He was annoyed at how they kept yelling out at him as if he was a horse. A swan nearby bashfully admitted that a group of people on bikes peeked at her through the trees while she was taking a shower.  

I would then seep into a crack in the rocks and flow deep underground, where the volcanic heat would energize all my little water-friends. Some of them turn into steam, and when it gets a little too crowded, dear Old Faithful would shoot us out of his hole. Flying up in the air, I would see those I4K riders munching on their pb&js while admiring my acrobatic show.

Next, I would end up in a geyser crater, maybe the one called Turquoise Pool. Together with my water-friends, particles, and the sun, we would make a beautiful turquoise color, so that my I4K friends can walk along the boardwalks and admire our artpiece. The thermophiles add a splash of orange around our turquoise water.

The heat would then turn me into water vapor, and I would fly up into the air to form a part of a cloud. I would then look down and see my I4K friends discussing about ice, water, density and temperature. Then I would laugh at the little I4K girl who thought to herself that one day, these two I4K science geniuses would win the Nobel Prize for their ingenious insight into how ice is hotter than water. (trust me, you won’t want to listen to their logic)

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  • slaude Sean Laude says:

    very poetic. I like it!

  • Lily Foo(Priscilla's Mum) says:

    WOW!Lovely piece of writing. Very interesting perspective. Yellowstone must so BEAUTIFUL to inspire you so. Wish I am there, with you.
    Sorry I had not thought of sending you a camera earlier. Thankfully you do have a photographic mind. You remember a lot of the places we travelled. I once was in Dayang Island of malaysia and we trekked up a rocky hill. On top of that hill, gingerly lying on my tummy to the edge of the rock and looking down on the blue seas with the tiny boats,and the sky, the view was so breath-taking, I actually thought I was having a glimpse of Heaven!Such peace and glory in the beauty of God’s creation. I’m sure you did too.

  • Gideon Fu says:

    WOOOOW!! where’d u learn to write like this?? how did u even come up with the drop of water thing??!! i bet if our friends at church see this they will all go WOOW! too. HAHA!

  • donna kalis says:

    So awesome to read your fascinating perception of such a fascinating place in creation. Having been there in years past, I could “see” it again through your description. Enjoyed visiting Yellowstone again. Thanks, Priscilla. We continue to pray for the team. Love, Donna

  • Kathy Kelleher says:

    Simply beautiful! I love your writing!

  • Jong Ai FOO says:

    Haha! That’s the creative side of you.. Love it. I can visualize the amazing diversity in Yellowstone.

    Love you,

  • Mary Russell mary says:

    Just read this in the van! Awesome, girl!

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