I’ve been through the mountains on a bike with no name, it felt good to be out of Champaign

We’re almost in Portland!  It’s weird how it seems like we just started the ride, but NYC seems like years ago.  I also haven’t blogged in forever (my bad).  So last time I wrote was in Wyoming.  Well, since then, my derailleur decided to break itself on the ride from Cody, WY into Yellowstone.  Which was super lame because it meant 4 days in the van.  I picked up a job as chauffeur of the riders sick with the I4K-plague, and then got sick myself.  I was so happy to have my bike fixed, though, that I disregarded illness and rode anyway.  And then we had a rest day in Missoula, which was fabulous.

Since Missoula, we have had some pretty intense rides, but I’ve actually been having a lot of fun.  It feels so rewarding to make it through both the mental and physical stresses each day presents and to look back at the end of the day and say to myself “I did that.”  In good company, any ride can be fun.  Yesterday we biked 100 miles uphill into one of the strongest headwinds we’ve faced, but it was a really enjoyable day.  We went blackberry picking on the side of the road around mile 80, and I fell up to my thigh into a pit of thorns.  I now look like I’ve been attacked by an angry cat, but it was totally worth it because those berries were awesome.  And thanks to Max for helping me out of the thorns… and taking a picture of me stuck in them.

Additional note: hot springs are AWESOME. I highly recommend going to them at any available opportunity.

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  • Tom Kelleher says:

    100 miles! Uphill! Against a headwind! Anyone of those three would be a challenge. You kids are awesome. I want to be like you when I grow up!


    Jaime’s Dad, ’77

  • Carol Russell (Mary's Mom) says:

    Hi Jaime, You should be proud of yourself for EVERYTHING you have accomplished. Yesterday sounded like a tough one! Yummy blackberries…glad they were worth the thorn bush attack! Ride on girl, you are doing great!

  • Jillian's Mom says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the title to this post! Tackling the kind of conditions you guys did would be an accomplishment just once, but getting up and doing it again the next day and the next is sheer will and determination. I think there will be many times throughout all your lives when you look back on this experience and think “I did that” and it will make other challenges you face that much easier to tackle. Hope Portland is awesome and you all get some much needed rest.

  • Nancy Odon (Steve's Ma) says:

    Love your title -a take off of a great song! Steve named his bike Sonic in Yellowstone. Maybe he can help you think of a name for yours. You inspire us all to never say “never.” Keep on pedaling and LIVESTRONG!

  • ME Robbins says:

    It was good to meet you at the Portland club event. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments and thanks for the blog. We’ll be thinking about you Friday as you reach the Pacific ocean!

  • donna kalis says:

    Bmeen there and had pivkrf thode fabulous blavkberries. misses out on the full experience. Grat outlook.
    More great mrmoties yo vomr. Thanks prayers and love to the team.
    Love, Donna

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