I da be in Idaho

Greetings from Idaho. As much as we loved Montana, we were not disappointed to enter this beautiful state. Yesterday we left Missoula and crossed the state line at mile 44, gained an hour, and enjoyed a comfortably warm hot-spring. After 96 miles, we stopped at the Wilderness Gateway Campgrounds. Fruitful teamwork and cooperation yielded a successful camping trip. Fortunately, the weather there was much nicer than that of Yellowstone, and we didn’t wake up quite so cold.
This morning, we set our for Kamiah after a late start, awesome oatmeal, and high spirits. We enjoyed a short riding day that was primarily downhill, and fought our way up the hill to the stayover. Even after we put in the work, we immediately appreciated it because of the amazing view offered by the front porch of Pine Ridge Baptist Church. Members of the church provided us with hot dogs and home-baked desserts, and after we ate, they invited us to join the pastor’s Bible study.

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  • Lily Foo (Pricilla's Mum) says:

    Thanks Max,( and Lauren) for the photos. They bring me great delights. Priscilla, you have not been contactable for some days. I’ve ordered the camera for you and delivery is expected to arrive at Portland Post Office between 16-21 July. Hope it arrive by 20th for your pickup. Is 21st your rest day?

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