Yesterday morning we left from Cascade Locks School to head to the great city of Portland.  The mosher before we left was quite hilarious and involved somersaults, being blindfolded, and sliding across the floor.  After all that crazy fun we departed for our 40 mile ride into the city. Which turned out to be longer than expected, and colder. The first cloud in a week was seen, which grew into more clouds.

Halfway through the ride we met up with Barbara Larrain, a fellow cyclist an alum of the University of Illinois.  We were all impressed by her skills and the fact that she had just completed an Iron Man a few days ago and got 2nd place in her age group! She rode along with us and lead the group into Portland.  It was a beautiful ride and some of the best scenery we have had in days.

After we arrived, the alumni  provided us Asian cuisine for dinner and gave us a 751 dollar donation plus a 500 dollar match. Later that night, some riders went to watch the movie Inception and the rest went to shower.

9:25 am rest day: Went to the OSHU facilities which was on top of a giant hill. The team got to take a Tram from one building of the hospital to another, which was nothing short of a hanging space pod ski lift. Simply amazing. The view was great.  We met with two representatives from the AYA (Adolescent and Youth Advisory Committee) which told us about their efforts to help people age 15-39 connect with other patients their age going through the same thing.

We all had fun exploring the city for the rest of the afternoon.  Some highlights of the day include hamburgers made on two grilled cheese sandwiches, a giant bookstore, a fantastic farmers market, and Voodoo donuts.  This evening we met up with a team in training from the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society.  We heard some moving stories and got to complete many portrait interviews,  All in all, a very successful day.

We all wish had a bit more time in Portland, but we’re excited to head out and get to the coast in two days!

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  • ME Robbins says:

    It’s time to ‘reach the beach’! Enjoy the Oregon coast. We’ll be looking for pictures. Thanks again for riding through Portland.

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