Ennis & Butte, MT 07/08-07/09

The ride into Ennis was the most beautiful ride of the trip so far. Hands down, Montana wins the gorgeous award of the U.S. Way to go Montana! Pi easily convinced our group to stop at the Grizzy Restaurant for lunch where we all tried our hand at different burgers. Our waitress, Margo, was awesome. Coincidentally, she was suppose to come to the church we were staying at that night to help out with dinner but was double shifted at work. Riding into Ennis, we were surrounded by more unreal scenery, and pulled up to the beautiful church where we were provided with a delicious dinner as well as hot showers!!

The ride out of Ennis was equally as gorgeous, yet a little more hectic. Hot and humid, I made sure the team stayed hydrated, even though Eamon claims he was going to be over-hydrated (nonsense). It was a tough ride for the team… my knee copped out early… but a cold creek felt refreshing to all in the afternoon (check out those tan lines). Pi, Steve, and Max detoured to see the Lois and Clark caves… I saw pictures, looked awesome… so Jamie and I hid some gatorade for them along the route to insure their hydration as well. I4K LOVES HYDRATION (: (:

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  • Nancy Odon (Steve's Mom) says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Your beautiful pictures don’t do justice for the real thing. Tell Steve he is one blog less than you. LIVESTRONG!

  • donna kalis says:

    Montana…awesome. Glad you’re enjoying it and that the yucky sickiness is done. Thanks for sharing the photos. Love, Donna

  • Sue Chelf says:

    Lauren, I’m copying your journal for my dad Rudy at Hope Lodge. Keep strong on the final legs of your journey. Our heart and thanks go out to all of you heroes for taking this journey. Sue Chelf

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