Cody & Yellowstone, WY 07/04-07/06

Ah the 4th of July! I rode out in the I4Khoir with Jill, Mary and Steve, combining the 4 best voices on the team for an American style ride out of Greybull. About halfway to Cody is when it began, I got a little dizzy and wobbly on the bike… but was ok when we pulled into Cody for ice cream… until later…

A generous man on the ride into Greybull donated to the team tickets to the Cody Rodeo. What a better way to spend the 4th than at the Rodeo capital of the country!! The team headed over for an experience none of us were familiar with… it was… interesting. I had no idea what was going on… luckily the man next to me did, and by the end I felt like a rodeo regular. Favorite part of the rodeo was when a man came out trying to ride a bull who “was too crazy to have a name for” and then the bull completely lived up to this and knocked over the poor rodeo clown who was hiding in a barrel. Crazy. We head back to the stayover and fireworks went off at 10pm. A bit of home sickness came over me from not taking part in my regular 4th of July activities, but it really was cool to experience the 4th out west.

Prepping for our next days ride late at night, “it” took over. Sickness. Yuck. Team vomiting began. TMI? Sorry. Mine didn’t hit me until 2am… and it hit hard. By 8am I was ready for a little trip to the doctor to help fix these digestion issues and monster stomach pains. With so many people sick, we forfeited our rest day in Yellowstone and traded it in for another day in Cody!! wooo. With some fluid and drugs in me, I was brought back to the stayover to sleep it off. The rest of the sickies were in the same boat… sick.

The following day, between all the injuries and sickies, 8 couldn’t ride, and the team took off to Yellowstone to come back for us later in the day. I pretty much just slept and picked up some cold weather gear in preparation for the evening. Eamon grabbed us later and we head into Yellowstone to camp out that night in 25 degree weather. The ride up was so pretty. We took a sick people picture (see left). We saw 2 bears, some antelope and deer. Neato. Camping was also fun. Our tent broke some rules and kept our toiletries in our bags in the tent. Luckily, the bears didn’t come and eat us… That would have been a mess!

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