Cody, Wyoming: Rodeo Capital of the Nation!

Yesterday we arrived in Cody, WY – it was a lovely 4th of July and a short 53 mile ride in! A generous person was adamant that the I4k attend the world famous Cody Stampede and donated tickets for the entire team. Most of us had never been to a rodeo before so it was a new experience. . . celebrating the 4th in the true Wyoming style.

Unfortunately, last night some riders became sick –  several people are under the weather so the decision was made to stay in Cody, WY for our rest day instead of continuing on to Yellowstone today.  In Yellowstone we will be sleeping in tents and the forecast for tonight involved snow, therefore we thought staying in this nice, warm church in Cody would help aid in a speedy recovery for those who are sick. Thanks so much to Christ Episcopal Church for letting us extend out stay.

Some riders set up a breakfast at a diner this morning, so many of us went over and were treated to a tasty breakfast of hashbrowns, eggs, and toast.  Otherwise, today is all about resting up for the climb into Yellowstone tomorrow.  Everyone is catching up on sleep and staying hydrated – some speedy recoveries have already been made, so here’s hoping to everyone feeling better tomorrow and enjoying the beautiful sights of Yellowstone!

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  • Tom and Kathy Kelleher says:

    We are sorry that some of you were not feeling well, but are happy to hear that some have already recovered so quickly. How fortunate that you could stay in Cody an extra day and that you had a rest day scheduled for tomorrow. It seems that your journey will not be too disrupted. Take care!

    Jaime’s parents

  • sandy miller says:

    How did you like the rodeo?? I have been to that rodeo and it is fun. Hope you all feel great entering the most beautiful national park ever. Watch out for bears!!

  • Ileana Espino says:

    Espero que todos se hayan recuperado y que sigan juntos el recorrido. Los felicito por el esfuerzo y disfrutenlo. Animo y cuídense mucho.

  • Ileana Espino says:

    Esperamos saber que tal fue el paso por Yellowstone.

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