Buffalo, WY 07/01

We woke up and had a nice breakfast. Then, we had a Beanie Baby giveaway. Each person got a Baby like them. Mine was a butterfly. Her name is Float. (because a butterfly landed on my head the other day). Max got a dog wearing a red scarf because he wears a red scarf. Kyle got a unicorn because he is the unicorn of the sea. Erik got an owl, because he is wise. Steve got a baby chick, because he has lady legs. Jordan got a crazy dinosaur. Then we rode our bikes 70 miles to Buffalo. The Big Horns were along side of us the entire day. But no buffalos. Tear. I rode with Diana, Pi and Stephe. It was fun. Upon arrival, we got ice cream. Typical. Then we had a nice dinner. Pizza, pasta, sandwiches, meatballs. Jordan and Steve are doing “Official Ride Leader Business” 2 feet from me. It involves Vitamin D milk and peanut butter. Pi is reading us a story about coal and uranium and multivacs. That was my day. The end.

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