Bring on the Moustaches!

Montana brings on a strange transformation for the team, many members find themselves shedding the layers of hair that they’ve built up on their face, leaving only a thin sliver on their upper lip. Yes, Moustache Montana has begun!
Sporting their new looks, the team headed out for Ennis, with magnificent views of mountains, lakes, and the Madison River which we have been following for portions of the last two days. Today’s ride was fairly short, allowing us to have some time to relax once we reached Ennis. The pastor at the church we were staying at arranged showers for us at a local RV park, which was refreshing since we hadn’t had the opportunity to shower for the last couple days.
Afterwards, for dinner, the pastor and the community stepped in and provided a taco bar for dinner. There was more than enough food for everybody, and we were all stuffed before we learned that it was followed by root beer floats. Dinner could not have been better!
Tomorrow we look forward to crossing the Continental Divide for the third and final time as we head in to Butte.

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  • Harsh & Rita Thakkar says:

    Awesome I4K Team. So happy to learn that all of you have been able to see our country, enjoy natural beauty, meet new people and experience that nice people are every where. Build the memory of life as you build yourself in becoming what you are capable of. Safe and enjoyable journey with and without challenges along the way. Love all of you – The winners. Harsh & Rita Thakkar

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