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(sidenote: if you’re interested in seeing some pictures, I’ve uploaded an album to facebook. Friend me!)

After leaving Rochester, we truly entered God’s country. Never before have I seen so much land untouched by man. Most of the time I feel like I’m living in a surreal post card, something akin to the paintings and photographs in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Other times, however, I don’t get to enjoy the view as much as I would like because I am scouting out potholes, gravel, and trying to dodge family RVs.

My days have since blurred together and I regret not keeping up a better record of everything that has happened. I have journaled about some of the days, but have really gotten behind on this blog. In lieu of a summary of every day, I will leave you with a series of images. Enjoy!

Mitchell, SD has a corn palace. I suspect it is run by mosquitos.

Through the doors of a school in Murdo, you can find a telephone booth still home to a payphone. Hurry, before it is ripped away like all others.

The Badlands were dreamed up by the Grand Canyon, after it has tired of its sunken form and decided to raise itself to the sky.

Wall Drug has benches lining its storefronts and coffee for 5cents - on the honor system.

In Rapid City, we did our laundry in a cute cottage house across the street. There were fly cabinets and a blue room.

Deer lurk outside church windows in Gillette.

At the bottom of the Bighorn Mountains in the late evening, wind pulls in cool air after a 103 degree day.

In Ennis, a Romanian man told me the stars are different out here. If you lay on a picnic table at 1am and look up, you feel as though you can reach them.

Young people frolic alongside the highway in clear water and underwater caves. It smells like pine.

In Missoula at the Adventure Cycling Association Headquarters, we looked at a picture of a “mystery girl” from circa 1976 during the “Bikecenntenial.” The owner said one day someone will come in and say “that’s my mother.”

I’m at the library in Missoula. I’ve used a computers named Mork, Mindy, Archie and Gilda.

Tomorrow, we shall continue on through Lolo Pass!

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  • Carol Russell says:

    Hip Hip Horray — Mary is blogging! I saw your pictures on facebook (creeping on Dad’s)they are awesome!! They are like postcards! Keep strong baby-girl, I am so proud of you! I love you a whole bunch!

  • Julie Horns says:

    Okay my dear, you have scribed a blog entry that is BEAUTIFUL! My son (Ben Horns) now a budding artist in his senior year @ MICA in Balitmore (long story, he started @ U of I in 2007, Art major, after his 2008 I4K ride he switched to MICA) I now have to friend you on FB…you are too spot on.

    Check out Sandra Moxley’s Picassa photo blog, she was a rider in 2008.

    I gotta say, your team, your commitment to this journey, for all it means to you, and for all it means to who you ride for, makes such a profound difference. People like me care, and more importantly, people like you and your fellow riders care in ways that are so very hard to understand unless, I suppose, you pedal till you know.

    Ride sista ride!!! It will matter for the rest of your days! ENJOY!!!

  • John Russell says:

    Hey Mary…thanks for the update. Between the pictures (176….took me 2 days to preview them) and your insightful, witty comments, I feel like I can sense your your journey. Totally cool what you are doing and as Julie has pointed out….this adventure will stay with you for the rest of your life !!! Looking forward to meeting you in San Fran on 8/1. We love you very much !


  • Mary Jo Hosman says:

    Well, Mary it took me all night to read up on your bike journey. Very interesting. You’ve got a knack for writing. I’m all caught up now and I’m so proud of you. What a great, memorable, lifetime adventure! Oh to be young again! I’ll have to have the kids share those pictures with me from facebook. Love, Aunt Mary Jo

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