Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing

After yesterday, I4K was ready for anything this morning.  A not-so-well-rested team got up this morning to super strong winds (which flapped the tents loudly all night).  As our cereal was flying out of our bowls, we were a bit wary as to how the day would end up.  Luckilly, upon crossing from Washington into Oregon, the wind suddenly died and we found ourselves in excellent biking conditions.  Yay for Oregon!  The team stopped at McDonalds where some enjoyed ridiculous amounts of calories.  After a mere 53 miles, we arrived at Cascade Locks School.  Like Eamon said this morning, ain’t no thing but a chicken wing.  It was nice to have a free afternoon to chill out and not be completely exhausted.  We’re all extremely excited to get to Portland tomorrow (only 40 miles!) and to be the first I4Kers to trek (pun points!) from Portland to San Francisco!

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