A Downhill Day (… and then an uphill… or two)

Another lovely day for the I4K. After filling up with cereal and apple sauce in Kamiah, the team headed out for an 85 mile ride into Lewiston. Knowing a hot day was awaiting, different groups took different approaches towards the miles ahead. Some rode quickly to the stay over while others enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Idaho a bit more. The day was filled with ups and downs… starting with a quick descent, followed by a 10 mile uphill. The team later was brought to a twisting 7 mile downhill and shortly after, one of the steepest hills we’ve seen to date.

Upon arrival, the First United Methodist Church provided the team with a delicious dinner of tacos, cornbread, watermelon, and tamales. We finally have phone service for the first time in a while, so after dinner many members caught up with friends and family, while others did a little bike maintenance before hitting the hay.

Also, we met a dog named Renee Zelweiger at mile 24. She was scruffy and liked to eat chips.

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  • Jillian's Mom says:

    Have do ask – did Jill possibly meet the dog who liked to eat chips?? If she did, I’m sure she had a song to share with all of you :)

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