Zanesville, Columbus, Richmond 06/03-06/05

Ohh how the days are blending. But let me try to recap the past three.

The ride into Zanesville… I don’t recall much. Oh wait , yes I do, cake and ice cream breakfast or was it pizza, ugh I don’t know. Anyways, back in Pittsburgh I came up with an idea to randomly draw numbers for groups to ride in. You see, everyday is very similar, people typically ride in the same groups every day, racing to the next stayover. Begining to feel like I was losing sight of the reason I was on the trip, I came up with this idea to take the race out of the day and get to know more of my teammates, and pretty much everyone thought it could be fun as well. My randomly selected group was Erik, Shea, Eamon, and Ana. The day started off well and I was more excited to be back riding than anything else. The knee acted up around mile 40 and learning from past mistakes, I sat out the last 20 miles realizing that it’s better to take it slow today than miss out on the next 4.

The ride into Columbus was hands down one of my favorite days thus far. Shao, Disha and I had an absolute blast on the 54 mile ride in. Being in a slower group, we do occasionally just try to rush ourselves to finish and not actually enjoy the world around us. This day was different… we sang, danced, and conversed with each other, still arriving in around 1:30 with plenty of time to enjoy Columbus. Also, before we left that morning, Steve and I decided to try out a social experiment and not talk for 24 hours. We began at 7:30am, left for the ride in seperate groups around 7:45 and then once I arrived at 1:30, it took about 3 minutes before we realized what a dumb idea it was. We are a hilarious combination. There was no reason to put ourselves through this misary. The rest of our day was spent checking out bike shops in Columbus and riding through the Ohio State campus… Steve and I unneccesarily put an extra 10 miles on our bikes… but we had a lovely time. I spent my evening washing clothes, giving Max a haircut, and fishing information out of teammates for other teammates. I mean, you have to expect some gossip when we’re together for this long.

Hm and as for today, I woke up pumped for my first century ride (100+ miles). While the terrain was flat, the wind and rain added some difficulty to the day. I’ve been riding on pain killers until I can get the knee fixed in Chicago… around mile 67 I realized I should probably just take it easy and stop for the day, the fluid in my knee is pretty gross… It kills at night but I think it’s making progress. It sucked that I couldn’t get 100 miles in, but when I look at the big picture, I realize that each day I am riding further than the next. On a more hilarious note, I had to stop the van at mile 85 for a rest stop. Coincidentally, the local bar was open and I went in to use the restroom. Crazy how many people were drinking at noon, and drunk at that… I got a free t-shirt and hug from the owner, typical.

As for what’s to come… Well first off, a full recovery. This knee stuff is irritating and I can’t wait until it’s better. Second, a number of riders agree that we should be making more of an effort to get out into communities during our free time. While sleeping upon arrival into a town is appealing, that’s not the point of this trip, and we’re glad we realized it less than 2 weeks in.

Finally… Mom, you know how I love cake and ice cream? Weirdly enough we some how have had an unlimited supply of both for the majority of this trip. I’ll be expecting some upon arrival into Chicago as well. Thanks.

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  • Nancy Odon (Steve's Ma) says:

    Hang in there, Lauryn! You are such a trooper. Listen to your knee. Cake and ice cream?…Whatever makes the knee feel better. Thanks for putting up with Steve.

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