Where are we going again?

After a long needed rest in Champaign-Urbana, the Illini 4000 set out for Clifton, IL, or is it Chebanse? We had some confusion where we were headed due to a typo on the website. But yes indeed it was Clifton and one thrilling ride through monotonous flat land and challenging head winds. Fun!

Todays ride was special because three previous riders – Kristen Tully, Adam Boczar, and Matt Harlan – were with us. Kristen graciously drove the van and provided close support for the riders, while Matt and Adam joined for the ride. Another reason today was special was because Diana Luo showed us “a whole other side of Diana” by performing a song she wrote about all the riders. Look for a post update for the lyrics soon! The song was delightfully shocking and brightened up the day.

The weather was hot and humid and the ride turned out to be quite a few miles longer than expected but hearing an encore performance of Diana’s song at our lunchbreak kept our spirits lifted! Eventually we arrived in Clifton and were welcomed with a great meal Tracey Shafer’s thoughtful parents as well as the church. We can’t thank them enough! The team is looking forward to the next few easier days heading into home sweet home Chicago!

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  • Marci Adelston-Schafer says:

    We were happy to bring dinner to you guys. My friends Cyndi McNussen and Donna Brown also contributed. We were also happy to meet the Clifton church’s pastor. He was very personable.
    We hope that you have a strong tail wind from now on. Tracey, we hope your tire holds out until you get to Chicago.
    Marci and Bob Schafer

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