What sound does a bison make?

Okay so the title to this blog isn’t totally relevant, but we did see some bison today and it’s a legit question.
Yesterday was crazy windy. I rode with Nate, Kevin, Max, and Shea. With the cue mix-up, we ended up going 35 miles without van support, which was pretty tiring. I had a good time riding with the boys even though I had to push myself to keep up all day long! I fell asleep at 8 pm which was glorious.
This morning we got to sleep in until 6 am, woo! Props to Max for being the best chore partner ever! I rode with Gabrielle and Jill today through lovely South Dakota. Jill and I were super pumped to learn that the rest stop had Poppin’ Pink Lemonade Hi-C. That’s twice in South Dakota! We joined up with the Riders of Brohan (Pi, Jordan, and Szymon) for a while at the end of the ride. We were welcomed into Chamberlain, SD by a SWEET 2 mile downhill. Greatttt day for a bike ride!

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