Whaddup from South Dakota!?!?!?


Long ride today. 98 miles or so. 3 States. 100 degrees probably. oh jeez. it was one of the hardest days yet but with teammates, it was no problem.

I can eat so much when its warm. I must have consumed 6000 calories today and I’m not all that full. Crazy stuff.

Otherwise, things have been good. South Dakota is supposed to be full of headwinds but also has things like the Badlands and Wall Drug. It’ll all be worth it, I’m sure. Free ice water!

Ok, thanks for reading, hope all is well!!

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  • Laurie Swanson says:

    Hey Kevin, All is very stormy here, all day so glad you are not biking around here. Otherwise, Oak Park is good and hot. Keep that eating, sounds like a challange :). It also sounds like you are one team strong! So proud!

    Love, Mom (hopefully that is ok to sign since I put my name up above….in case anyone is confused….)

  • Alex Mufson says:

    Kevin! You are so close to Montana! I can’t wait to see you. It’s amazing how far you’ve come already! I will give you a call in the next few days to try to make plans for when you are in my neck of the woods, but in case I can’t check you with cell service, please give me a ring! Keep up the amazing work, you will have a cheering section as you roll through big sky country. –Alex

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