Westbound Trains

As we are now safe and sound in Wyoming, it’s safe to say we are riding through the west. We left South Dakota after riding through the Black Hills and checking out Mt. Rushmore, and already I miss that state. Riding through South Dakota was just as amazing as last year, the rolling hills and far reaching views made me wish Illinois was just as awesome. I can’t quite put my finger on the reason for my affinity for South Dakota, but its tough to leave.

One thing that I have been looking forward to in the great state of Wyoming is the Big Horn mountains coming up in a few days. I struggled up the mountains last year, but I’m really excited to do it again this year.

We’re getting to that part of the trip where you might see less blog posts than at the beginning of the trip. Do not be alarmed that it is because we aren’t doing well or that we are completely exhausted, this pattern happens every year. Traditionally we don’t have as much internet access out west, and there isn’t usually a Starbucks around the corner that we can use for connectivity. I will try my best to keep my blog up to date, but until next time…

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