Twent-Eight Strangers. Or: The Bliss of a Growing Team

I wasn’t sure exactly what point I thought this would happen, but it is definitely now. Maybe it was the collective consciousness of biking 100+ miles and crossing the Indiana border that was the straw that broke the camels back (in a good way), but tonight has proved a significant night in the growing bond of what it means to be “teammates”. These 27 other people–some friends before the trip, some total strangers–have proven all to be my best friends. We’ve learned to help each other, to yell at each other, to cry with each other, and to live with each other.  I couldn’t be more thankful or feel more blessed to share this summer with these amazing people.

I’m excited to get to know everyone more and to fine-tune my relationships with everyone.

Also, Ohio is really into alpacha’s…like really really into alpacha’s.

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  • Colette Whicker says:

    Eamon…was exciting for me to read the news of the growing bond between the riders….as i share the news with many friends..i am finding it difficult to believe that you guys/gals have been in the saddle for almost two weeks….surely this bond will be a lasting one that will grow you all into better folk then we know you already are…get out the sunscreen and smooth sailing! Yah hoo for tuesday.

  • Joanne Mazurski (Lauren's Mom) says:

    Eamon, I loved your post today. It is so good to hear how 28 college kids can figure out how to get along and to appreciate each other through thick and thin — a lot of adults can’t even do that — not that you’re not adults but you know what I mean….it’s heartwarming. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cheryl (and Zander) Montgomery says:

    we are enjoying your blogs imensely! Thank you for all your sharing! I have been updating our son Zander of your daily journeys and we now have a map up on our wall with a marker (“Eamon”) that Zander made of you to mark your progress and travel. You are very inspirational! We continue to pray for you and your new “family”! Sending you lots of our love!

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