To Mas Amigos we go.

Although I won’t actually be heading to Mas Amigos today in Champaign, I had to show some love for my preferred Mexican restaurant on campus while we’re around. It’s awesome that we have arrived to a place where we have our own restaurant preferences, being in a place we have been before is novel to most of the riders this year.

We’ve only been here for a few hours, but it already feels like a rest day to me. Thanks to my sister’s generous hospitality I’ve already had my fill of sweets, taken a shower drying off with a full sized towel, and next is dinner at a sushi restaurant! So awesome! Although our stayovers have been incredible so far this year, there’s nothing like being back on campus. It’s weird to think about, but tonight will be the longest I will have been away from the entire team since NYC. Of course with my free time here I hope to meet up with some of my teammates from last year while we’re around. I kind of wish we had a rest day here tomorrow, but it helps to know that Chicago is only a couple of days away. More details soon!

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  • gfairbairn Gabrielle Fairbairn says:

    I heard Mas Amigos shut down because it was soooooooo bad/Dos Reales put it out of business.

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