Team Ride Surpise

Rise and shine, it’s Random Ride Group day. Every so often the Illini 4000 participates in a random drawing of who will ride with who. This is an idea that was thought of to help merge the team together and give people a chance to talk to more teammates. Today was the second time the random groups were picked.

The team was roughin it this morning when breakfast was called and cold spaghetti was the main course with a side of corn bread and some fruit. Breakfast of champions. It fueled us well for the day to come which was a rather short 60 miles into Homewood.  We were provided lunch and dinner, nothing short of a feast. Thanks to Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church!

Other than that, the next biggest event that occurred was the close to 3 hour long team meeting. It was very productive and many topics/concerns of the riders were discussed.  The most exciting part of the meeting was that  two new ride leaders were chosen! Congratulations to Steve Oden and Jordan Whicker! Tomorrow is the long awaited homecoming to Chicago where the 4K for Cancer will also be. Riders are very excited about seeing family, friends, and home for most. Meet ya at da Bean.

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