Sioux Falls, SD 06/22

This morning started out quite humorous. Nate has never ridden with Shao and I so he promised he would meet up with us at lunch and ride with us the 2nd half of the day. While he rode off, I guilted him into turning around since he made Shao cry… but she didn’t actually cry… Anyways, we had a lovely day riding together. After 80 miles, we came upon one of the most amazing pieces of scenery to date. The tri-state marker of SD, IO, and MN. So amazing. So amazing. 98 miles in, we crossed paths with more of our riders, lounging at a gas station eating ice cream. We joined, obviously… I had some ice cream, and Nate had a 5 course meal of gas station food.

My bike has been giving me some crazy issues the past 2 days… basically it just shifts on its own. Examples? Sure. Climbing uphill? I’m going to shift 6 gears so you have no resistance. On a flat? I’m going to shift 4 gears¬†justtt because. Want to shift up 1? How about 3 instead. Want to shift down 1? No. Thanks bike. So across from the ice cream gas station was a bike shop… Pi, Steve, Mary and I hit it up. Turns out my derailleur hanger was cracked… cheap piece, if you have an extra… or a few days to get one in… I have neither. So the wonderful bike shop man at Hanleys (? I think…) found a hanger for a different bike and welded away to make it fit. I completely lucked out to find such an awesome bike shop with generous people willing to drop what they were doing and create a bike part right then and there for me (: (:

Heading back to the church, we made it a century day and upon arrival were given some interesting news… CiCi’s Pizza was letting us all eat at their buffet FO FREEE. While I was pretty nervous due to a previous CiCi’s experience in Florida, I hopped in the van and took part in a fantastic dinner. The CiCi’s in Sioux Falls is WONDERFUL. Delicious, clean, friendly, and quite generous.

Overall my first day in South Dakota was lovely, and it was the South Dakotians that made it that way. 

Pictures!! Nate and Shao’s 1st date and my 1st Century (This blog just got way cooler)

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  • Nancy Odon (Steve's Mom) says:

    WOW! PICS! Way cool! Lauren, it sounds like you are an awesome cook! Thanks for keeping the group well fed.

  • Joanne Mazurski (Lauren's Ma) says:

    I agree, Lauren, thanks for posting pictures.

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