Sioux Falls Adventure Buffet

Here’s a recap:

Got up at 5:30 for the ride today, prepared ourselves for the 100 miles ahead by eating the breakfast provided to us by our great hosts in Jackson, MN. We were all pretty jazzed about breakfast. Coffee and everything.

Greg’s mosher was heartfelt and motivational and today’s groups were, as somebody put it, “voluntarily jumbled.” When the team forms groups this way we tend move more cohesively. It’s a great way to keep the ride fresh, to spend time with those you’ve not ridden with lately, to become a more versatile rider. We played a lot of Contact, as well, and tried our hand at personifying Admiral T. Cornwall (Mary is a pro).

The weather was hot, somewhere in the nineties, and the motionless turbines dotting the landscape verified the lack of wind. This gave us the impetus to stay mobile in light of the spike in ambient temperature whenever we slowed or stopped. A few spills early in the day and some mechanical difficulties, but nothing serious went wrong along the way, and why should it? We were all too excited about the tri-state experience for that.

In Manly, MN (population: sixteen burly men), we stopped for manly pictures in front of the sign and tried to work “bro” and “brah” into our lexicons as much as possible. Minnebrota, fresh broduce, trying to stay broductive. It made sense at the time.

Out of Manly we went, and Mary and Erik fixed a flat while Jordan and Pi talked about fantasy/sci-fi and Diana listened and I finally experienced one of those “naps on the side of the road” that everyone’s been raving about. And again, at lunchtime. The sun on me all day made me narcoleptic the second my legs weren’t in use.

At our stayover we did a few laps around the block so that our trip odometers read 100miles, then a few of us went to a shower facility at Augustana university that I believe Ana and Tracey found. I realized when I was reminded (by many, many people) that I hadn’t showered since LaCrosse, WI, so having hot water and soap was all kinds of nice. Jumping in Lake Geneva a few days ago was good and all, as was getting rained on all of those times, but a real shower with all of the fixin’s was a welcome experience. “Oh, yeah,” I thought to myself, “hygiene!”

We rushed off from the university shower back to our stayover and then to Cici’s for dinner from a generous guy named Neil. After the sun and the miles, we ate pretty well. We were elated and on the way back there was an Outkast sing-along in the van. Jordan’s aunt had done our laundry and there’s currently internet to be had. Such a tremendous day.

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