Sidewalks and corn. Clifton, IL 6/8/2010

I have not updated my blog for quite some time and I apologize.  The blogs through Highland Park, IL and Lacrosse, WI will be a little lacking in detail.  I will do my best to recall the event of those days.

The ride to Homewood,IL was our first experience with headwinds.  In my opinion, any headwind is worse than a mountain or a very, very long ride.  The headwind belittles the rider and has no light at the end of the tunnel.  When climbing a hill, there is something to look forward to- the top.  Riding against the wind only frustrates a rider.  There were times during this ride that I just closed my eyes and pedaled, looking for strength.

Illinois is not a great biking state.  The roads are subpar.  Some are just sidewalks.  There are no gas stations to rest in the shade and go to the bathroom.  Just corn, smelly cows and sun.  Sometimes my cleats would melt in the tar on the road.  Rocks would stick to  my tires.  Heat exhaustion and a lack of sleep conquered my mind making what should have been an easy 67 miles into a mind game.

Arriving in Homewood, IL was a relief.  The pastor there was really receptive.  He was aware the the Blackhawks had their final playoff game that night and offered to record the periods as the game was going on to run over to the church.  He also greeted incoming groups with leftover graduation food from a party he held recently.  Amazing.

The highlight of my day came when Diana came over to me as I was playing piano and asked me to teach her the words and melody to “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.”  I remember when we went to the Pirates v. Cubs game in Pittsburgh and during the 7th inning stretch, the ballpark sang the song.  I looked at Diana, and because she is not from the United States, she did not know the words!  Bam.  Now she knows it.  I make her sing it all the time now.

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  • Sue Chelf says:

    Thank you for all of the time you spent with my family (Rudy Butteri) at Hope Lodge. We feel inspired and lucky to have spent that special time with all of you.

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