Ride-Along Day!

Today was the day of our anticipated ride-along day out of Chicago.  After one of our few rest days, it was nice to hop back on the saddle with family and friends as we rode out to Deerfield, IL.

It was certainly an interesting experience starting out as a huge pack of more than 40 people.  We definitely had lots of fun interacting and chatting with families about our endeavors.  Knowing that there are so many people supporting us, both in action (ride-along) and in spirit is what keeps us peddling.  Going beyond merely riding our bikes across the country, we are truly touched by the tremendous support given to us in our fight against cancer.  Let us once again express our most heartfelt gratitude to those of you out there who have not only helped us but also the lives of those we are helping.  Thank you!

We arrived at our stayover which Kyle, one of our riders, arranged for us.  We were welcomed with a delicious I4K meal with fantastic desserts and excellent hospitality!

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  • Hapner Family says:

    It was great to ride along with the I4K team today. Although it was a short, flat distance compared to what you all typically ride each day and weather conditions were perfect (until we got deluged for the last few miles going back to Chicago), the ride-along made it easier to visualize and appreciate what the team is accomplishing. Your dedication to your cause and stamina are remarkable–go I4K!!

  • Dad says:

    Thanks for inviting us to the Ride-Along, I enjoyed the experience tremendously in spite of the saddle soreness and minor spill I took. Anyone worried about the future of our society only needs to spend time with a great bunch of kids like the I4K team. You guys and girls are great!

    Tom Kelleher ’77

  • James says:

    Oi, wished I could of made it to the ride along an to meet yall in chicago but sadly an unexpected job came up. I maybe see all ya in rochester or wall drug

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