Rapid City, SD 06/27-06/28

Oh what a lovely morning. Plenty of hills heading out of Wall but Diana, Shao and I conquered them like the champs we are. I even wrote a song climbing one of the hills: “Just get to the top of the hill; Cause then you’ll be at the top of the hill; so pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal; and then you won’t have to pedal no more.” Diana also sang “Somewhere over the rainbow” to me. Unfortunately that was the only line she knew… so were working on it… Oh and MOM: Look!! I saw sheep!!

Arrival into Rapid City was nice. Greg and I prepped a chocolate chip pancake dinner with fruit and orange draaank. I then spent a little time on myself… something I don’t do often on this trip. I washed, dried, and straightened my hair, put on a face, and head out to B-Dubbs with some of the team. It was lovely.

We had a rest day today and in the morning I took a well-needed showered and did some laundry. While waiting on the dryer, I even painted my nails… I feel like a hundred bucks. We head to DQ for breakfast (I probably haven’t included this much in my blog but this trip is basically also a Dairy Queen tour across America).  Check out Steve’s breakfast…

In order to continue traditional hospital and doctors visits on rest days, Steve and I took a trip to an urgent care. A few weeks back, Steve noticed a small lump on his back… having a history of cancer, this is something that has been worrisome. After contacting his oncologist, we spent part of our morning getting this little lump looked at. After flatting out and turning a 1.5 mile bike ride into 7, good news graced us when a doctor took a look and instantly knew that it was just a little cyst, probably pus filled, and nothing to worry about. Steve is an amazing person and I could not be more relieved to know that our recent prayers had been answered and the worry could dissolve away. I can only imagine how much of a relief it was for him to hear this…  (he’s right here and says he’ll be updating his blogs soon…).

The rest of our day was spent hanging out with the gang, a trip to Subway, a 3 hour nap, and then trying to recall the past 6 days so that I could update my blog. We head out of South Dakota tomorrow and into Wyoming. Should be awesome (:

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  • Nancy Odon (Steve's Mom) says:

    Lauren, your pictures are wonderful! Please teach Steve how to upload them onto the blog. Thanks for being with Steve and filling us in. Our prayers have been answered.

  • Joanne Mazurski (Lauren's Ma) says:

    I am very happy to hear that all went well. xo

  • donna kalis says:

    Hi Lauren, So thankful to hear Steve is well. Said a prayer of thanksgiving. The inner maturity you each have is amazing.
    Love your song. Just think, it could be ready for recording by San Francisco!
    Since my family would drive this route when I was a child( my Dads’ parents lived in Eugene,OR )I can relate well to your trip. I say,” oh, Lauren is at” the Corn Palace or Wall or Mt. Rushmore, etc. and can well recall viewing the sight. Where will we travel next? Enjoy the gorgeous sites as well as the DQs. Had my favorite/a DQ twist cone, for our belated( d/t chemo…not complaining) 34th anniv. dessert, just yesterday. Loved the photos and waved to Steve. Please share this with him. Pedal,pedal,pedal.
    Humming your catchy tune. Love, Donna

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