Rain or shine. Geenwood, IN 6/6/2010

Sleeping on floors is tough.  I am not getting enough rest, but for some reason it is easy to push on with 27 other people focused on the same goal you are.  Today was a 83 miler to a alumni rider from last year’s house.

The first part of the ride was spent with the front group in rainy, windy conditions.  This was a very rough first half of the ride.  We stopped at mile 44 for lunch.  Our whole group took a nap in front of a random house until the van met up with us with our food.  It was absolutely freezing.  I had a raincoat and arm warmers, shivering.  Eventually I fell in a deep sleep and only woke when the people who were driving the van parked the van next to me and shook me awake.  We began lunch.  PB&J!

Halfway through lunch, another group showed up and Conor’s phone rang with news of an injured rider.  Michell fell!  she was sent to the hospital to look into a minor concussion.  She is fine, don’t worry.  To make room in the van for going back and forth from the hospital, Lauren pulled her bike out and finished the ride after clocking out at 37 miles for her knee.

The ride was enjoyable through a windy Indiana countryside.  Near the end, Lauren’s knee bagan to bother her again.  She popped another vikaden.  We rode until mile 79 and then took a break four miles out at an Arby’s.  We spent an hour there.   Good talk and good food, but the medicine wore off.  Lauren had to tough out the last four.

Tracy and I were Lauren’s cheerleaders.  She struggled.  We were a half mile out and Lauren was hurting.  We were stopped at a stoplight and she asked, “How long?”  I said, “Long enough.”  This answer was not acceptable for her.  The light turned green and she took off.  I was out of the saddle just to catch up with her.  She hit twenty out of the blocks against the wind.  Ridiculous. we took a wrong turn and you could see the pain.  Ouch!  I hope it gets better.  Thankfully, she finished.  Then iced.

The house we are staying at is very nice.  Our meal was once again supplied by the alumni in Indiana.  Laundry!  Ice cream (again).  I am currently bidding on a couch spot to sleep on.  I don’t have much to offer!

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  • Nancy Odon (Steve's Ma) says:

    Thanks again for blogging. I love hearing all about your adventures. How awful it must have been through that cold and windy rainstorm. Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate these next few days. Can’t wait to see you Friday. I’m homesick for you too.

  • Joanne Mazurski says:

    Steve, Six more nights and you get to sleep in your own bed for TWO nights…I’m counting the days down for you…

  • Kim Gonzalez says:

    Steve, you continue to amaze me. I read your blog regularly, and it makes me so nervous and homesick for you, but mostly proud of you! I can only imagine what a great experience this is for you. Don’t think I will make it out to see you stop in Chicago, but I’m always thinking of you.

  • Steve Steve says:

    Thanks Kim! I’m trying my butt off for you!… literally? Bike seats aren’t the most comfy. Can’t wait to show you my awful tan lines.

  • Emily B says:

    Steve! I’ve been thinking about you and I hope the weather clears up for you! I still can’t really believe you’re biking across the whole entire country… insane. Sending you great karma and energy from chicago… you’ll be here soooooon :)

  • Emily B says:

    whoa that smiley face is huge

  • Julie Horns says:

    The spirit and drive of this years team is amazing! Keep moving, you guys are doing awesome…big time fun awaits when you guys breeze into Illinois!

  • Julie says:

    Keep up the good work steve! Miss ya

  • sandy miller says:

    Hi Steve, we miss you here! I know about those bike seats-ouch. Mike had the right idea to attach his motorcycle seat to your bike. Oh well, everyone would be too jealous- see you soon. Tomorrows weather is supposed to be beautiful-hope it is where ever you are. Talk soon!!

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