Oh – Aitch – Eye – Oh

Today was quite the lovely ride, a breezy 54 miles into Columbus Ohio. The morning began with a breakfast of champions: cake, ice cream, lasagna, and oatmeal, and combinations thereof. We enjoyed a leisurely ride on flat roads and an early arrival. Some team members spent their day around central Columbus checking out local bike shops, art shows, and the OSU campus. The alumni association provided us with a filling dinner, and some team members headed out to catch he hawks game while others went to bed early in preparation for the 100+ mile ride that awaits us tomorrow.

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  • Kevin Canaday says:

    Here’s a poem that you guys can relate to, called “to my bicycle”

    In the airy whirling wheel is the springing strength of steel,

    And the sinew grows to steel day by day,

    Till you feel your pulses leap at the easy swing and sweep

    As the hedges flicker past upon your way.

    Then it’s out to the kiss of the morning breeze

    And the rose of the morning sky,

    And the long brown road where the tired spirit’s load

    Slips off as the leagues go by!

    – Thomas W. Hazen Rolleston

    I’ll bet you’re feeling that “sinew turning to steel” as every day goes past. Stay the course, Gods’speed.

  • Don Olandese says:

    Congratulation on completing the longest day!! Ana hang in there. Love, Don

  • Mirza Rynecki says:

    I am proud of you Ana. Love, Mom

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