Newcastle, WY 06/29

Ahh the ride through Mt. Rushmore: Quite the challenging morning for me. The Black Hills can be beautiful and unforgiving all in one… so gorgeous, so many climbs. I rode with Erik, Mary, and Steve into Rushmore and we had quite a lovely time. Sweet downhills and sick views made up for those crazy uphills… and four gentlemen awaited our arrival at the top of a hill. Looking at this trip as a whole, I’m starting to realize how many awesome places I’m getting to visit… places I may never have packed up and vacationed to but that I have always wanted to see. Hanging out in the National Park, the craziest thing happened to me… a butterfly landed on my head… a little symbol that everything is going to work out just fine ;)

After Rushmore, the team rode through Hell Canyon… appropriately named based on the scenery… dead trees, sharp turns, and a hill or two… or ten… But still an amazing sight. Later in the day I lost a contact… With a lovely -8. 25 perscription, I eyepatched the rest of the day. Entering Wyoming, the team caught a sick tailwind all the way into Newcastle. The church we stayed at was lovely. I hit the hay around 9 knowing that an early wake up lay ahead.

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  • donna kalis says:

    Hi Lauren, You’re so right about being blessed with so many amazing places to visit. It took my family many trips to Oregon. For example, one year we’d stop at Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore on the way there and a couple more on the way back. The Badlands , etc. another trip. More gorgeous scenery ahead. People traveling the interstates don’t see it either. Glad the team, doing so much for others, gets to see these wonders. Love, Donna

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