Mitchell, SD

How soon I have returned to the home of the Corn Palace! It feels like it could not have already been one year since I was here last, but it certainly is nice to return. Although many fun memories are coming back to me from our rest day here last year, I definitely appreciate the difference between my two experiences. Today has been pretty relaxed, and I think I’ll try to catch up on some sleep tonight instead of hanging around the corn palace.

Having left Minnesota yesterday, I can now securely say that the headwinds weren’t nearly as bad as last year. Anyone from last year’s team could attest to the hardships of Minnesota in the headwinds, but instead this time around we had more issues with rain than anything. Now we are reaching the rolling hills of South Dakota, one of my favorite states to ride through last year. I’d like to give more details on the landscape here, but the environment here at the local Taco John’s where I’m writing from is not conductive to descriptive writing. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some pictures up here next time to show you instead!

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