Mitchell, SD 06/23

And the South Dakota winds come into play. Really not much other than that too say… except we did start off the day with an awesome dance party (see left), courtesy of Eamon’s mosher. Upon arrival into Mitchell, we did get to visit a local cancer center. I’ve never actually toured a cancer and it wasn’t what I expected to be honest. I think I found the Chemotherapy room to be the most difficult to be in. Comfy loungers lined up, each with a little television. Not what I expected… the tour was extremely educational and based on the never-ending questions the team had, it’s safe to say I’m not the only one who was grateful for the opportunity.

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  • Charlene Berke says:

    It was a pleasure to give the very enthusiastic group a tour and explain to them how things work/operate in the cancer center. We have been honored to have the riders tour the center each year and hope it continues.
    Thanks for all you do to raise awareness of a very important disease.
    Charlene Berke
    Avera Queen of Peace Cancer Center

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