Many Thanks

After starting several blogs, but leaving them unfinished I’ve decided to post shorter updates that are less daunting to complete. By now we’ve passed through the mountains after a rough last week. This year’s route brought us through the Appalachians much quicker than last year so there was even less time to acclimate to the I4k lifestyle before getting drained physically and mentally. I’m really proud of how the team handled these last few days, they will certainly be among the hardest of the whole trip. I can feel the beginning of the daily rhythm that occurs when we begin to act as a well oiled machine. There are still kinks in how we operate from day to day, but soon enough things will run smoothly.

I cannot thank enough all of the donors who contributed to such a great cause. I truly believe we make an impact each and everyday and it wouldn’t be possible without you. Also, a great big thank you to all of the individuals who provided food, shelter, or assistance of any kind to the team. You gesture, big or small, has not gone unnoticed. It is sometimes hard to show how appreciative we are after riding for hours in the heat, but we really do appreciate everything.

I hope to update again soon and to see as many of you in Illinois as possible!

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  • Dana McKenna says:

    run that i4k machine, conor canaday. run it.(also bike it, don’t forget to bike it).

  • Marci Adelston-Schafer says:

    I hope all continues to go well for all of you. I will see you in Champaign. Marci ( Tracey’s mom)

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