I love Greencastle, IN!

Today was the best day ever!

I rode with some lovely ladies today (Jill, Gabrielle, Bridget, Ana, Diana, and Tracey).  After spending quite a while fixing Ana’s flat tire around mile 35 and playing with an adorable dog named Angel, we headed on to the rest stop at mile 40.  We stopped by a flower shop to use the restroom and met an amazing woman named Caren who shared her story with us about her experience with cancer.  She also directed us to a restaurant called Chief’s where we enjoyed an absolutely fabulous lunch!  We headed back to the flower shop afterward and Caren sat with us for an interview for the portraits project.  We finished our last 28 miles (with a stop for some delicious ice cream) and then arrived at the church for more deliciousness.  Fabulous day =)

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  • Tom Kelleher says:

    Lovely Ladies,

    Congratulations on your rewarding day. Thanks for sharing it with us.


    Jaime’s Dad ’77

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