Today is going to be a good day. That is what was going through the riders head’s this morning as they filled up on pancakes, french toast, doughnuts, orange juice, milk and I can’t remember the rest. A great breakfast equals a great day, that’s what I always say. On top of that wake up time was later than usual today as well as take off time. Wait for it, it only gets better today’s ride was a 33 mile cake walk into Chicago. The route was slightly confusing today but everyone made it through.

One of the more exciting moments of the day was when a a bat was found. It was unable to fly for some reason and seemed very mellow. We put it in a basket, stared at it for a while and then called animal control. Animal control came by and said that bats in that area had been having a disease lately. No one touched the bat so everyone was safe from getting bat flu.

The team arrived in Millennium Park shortly after 12:00 pm to be greeted by an uproar of people, 90 percent of which weren’t there for us at all but that’s besides the point. Even though a lot of the people were there for other reasons such as the Hawks Parade we still had a lot of family and friend supporters and random people cheered for us. It was great experience and definitely made arriving in Chicago amazing. Many pictures were taken, hugs were shared, cake was eaten, you know how it goes. Got a little I4Krazy and everyone went there separate ways for the rest day tomorrow. It is going to be strange not being around 28 riders for a day or so because we’ve been spending every waking minute with each other for the past couple weeks. The Illini 4000 will reunite and ride out of Chicago on Sunday around 10 am.

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