Home of the Corn Palace

Today we rode about 78 miles to Mitchell, South Dakota. The unforgiving wind slowed us down a bit.
At the 40 mile mark there was a cue discrepancy and with the lack of network coverage we couldn’t reach the driver, but all was sorted as she was just round the corner in the next town! We reconvened at lunch for some scrumptious peanut butter & jelly and refreshing Gatorade and then made the final windy ten miles into Mitchell.
Once arriving in Mitchell, we toured the Avera Cancer Center, which for us all was very informative. The tour took us around the whole center, which we were able to see the rooms where patients are given their specified cancer treatment, where laboratory work is done, and much more. The tour concluded with a gift for all 28 riders; free sunscreen and nail maintenance kits!! Meanwhile some of the members of the team went looking for food donations which led to having one of the most varied and delicious meals so far. Pulled pork, tacos and the good old spaghetti! Among rest for some team riders and well needed showers for others, the night was as typical as any other apart from one little detail….and that detail is ‘rocks’(see previous blogs for description).

Farewell for today!

P.S. The Corn Palace is a well known tourist attraction found in Mitchell, SD. Very exciting!

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