Highland Park, Lake Geneva, Madison 06/13-06/15

Hmm. Cortisoned up and ready to go on Sunday morning, we departed from Millennium Park for the family and friends ride along. Aunt Mel and Uncle Ted surprised me to see me off :) and my Dad joined the team for the 30 mile trek into Highland Park. What I thought would be a quiet, easy ride ended up being a bit more stressful than I would have imagined. I experienced my first crash, a head on collision on the lake front bike path. It was interesting to say the least, I ended up tangled in a number of bikes… After hearing a woman yell out that “omg she broke her leg” I ever so eloquently, requested that the bikes be removed off of my body. Fortunately, I was absolutely fine, just causing a show for the surrounding 60 people… and no, my leg was not broken, just missing some skin. Thank you to the mystery man who pulled me out of the bikes! The second half of the ride was much more enjoyable, Dad gave me a run for my money and we were one of the first families to arrive into the train station. We headed out with the Odon’s and Russell’s to a Corner Bakery for a nice lunch before the rain came in. Mary, Steve, and I then finished our ride to the church and per usual, we got lost.

The ride into Wisconsin was definitely one of the hardest for me. Leaving Chicago, it was pretty much decided that I’d be heading out to Arizona straight from San Francisco, meaning that I won’t be back in Illinois until Thanksgiving or Christmas season. Megan had the mosher and we all went in a circle each talking about why we are riding, and I think this morning was the perfect day for it. Remembering my Aunt Laura’s drive to live life to the fullest, I was able to take off for the day knowing that life is about taking chances and living while we have the opportunity. 63 miles (+a few extra unmentioned by the cues, typical), a ton of crappy dirt paths, a solid downpour of rain, and a crazy downhill later, we arrived at the Topol’s summer residence in Lake Geneva. Hot showers and burgers were my favorite highlights, as well as sleeping on a futon… and I was out by 8:30 or so…

Now, this is the day everyone is probably waiting to read about. One question I’m often asked when speaking about this journey is “So does everyone get along?” or “Do you guys ever get into arguments?” Well folks, I like to keep it real on this blog and since this is slightly hilarious (in my opinion, but it’s a touchy subject), I’ll share one of the first I4K disputes. We often snack at rest stops along the way, and today I was riding in the 2nd to last group when we pulled up to the 2nd rest stop. In our snack drawer, there were about 6 half baggies of trail mix. I’m not going to lie about what I did. I ate all the M&M’s out of each of those baggies, I’d guess about 6-8 M&M’s per bag. It was suppose to be a joke… I even convinced Jill and Tracey to join in on the fun. Upon arriving to the lunch stop, the team was collected and well, very upset… no seriously, like mad… So there you have it, our first I4K dispute, and yes, it’s all good now, I believe. I suppose it was selfish of me, and arriving to the stay over I came to 2 conclusions: 1. No one jokes around like the Mazurski’s do and 2. There is a foggy line between serious and funny when it comes to jokes, and this line, wellit’s drowning in M&M’s. Lessons learned.

Our stay over tonight only has 1 shower, and arriving late in the game soaking wet, I decided to head out for my first run since the knee issues began. While the rain was refreshing, I realize that it’s going to be a while before I’m back to where I was before in terms of running. I ran out in reverse order of our route for the day and once I couldn’t run anymore, I turned around and headed back. As advised by everyone, I promise to take it easy on my knee, but as other runners know, it’s addicting… and I miss it. Mrs. Russell and mini-Mary came up to provide us with some dinner tonight. It was absolutely fantastic: eggplant parm, chicken, green beans, and some other fruits and veggies. I hear we won’t eat as well once we head out west so I’m really enjoying being spoiled while we are!

I think that’s the update for now… until I have internet again, peace (:

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  • slaude Sean Laude says:

    It’s funny I can hear you while I’m reading this – especially your M&M story – because this is exactly how you talk.

    Miss y’all so very much (=

  • Nancy Odon (Steve's Ma) says:

    When it comes to food, there is no goofing around! Eating is a serious matter with the group and I can understand why. You all burn so many calories in a day! I guess you better buy a big bag of M&Ms for the group…to SHARE! I loved this blog!

  • Joanne Mazurski (Lauren's Mom says:

    Lauren, Lauren, Lauren, you are your father’s daughter…. Although, I have to admit, I do think that is funny. I will ship M&Ms to South Dakota to help you make it up to your fellow riders. As you know, we didn’t know how much the second order of t-shirts would be, so I just collected $10 per shirt to cover cost, tax and shipping. Well, it more than covered and we made $200 on the shirts because Campus Sportwear charged minimally for the second order, as well. I donated this online and made the donation from Campus Sportswear so that they can receive the tax donation receipt. Love You, Mom

  • donna kalis says:

    How neat that your Dad did 30 miles with you. Between that and the bike tangle/pile up there will be lots of memories to tell you future family someday.
    Rooting for the cheerleader. Love, Donna

  • Denise Lamb says:

    It was so great to see you and your friends on Saturday.
    I love the shirt with all of the names on it. It really
    touched my heart to see Laura’s on there. My husband Ron
    just got good news about his Cat Scan. We are all pulling
    for you. Hopefully there will be a cure. At least more
    people seem to be surviving even though the treatment is still awful. I am sure the money you have raised and the
    exposure with the bike trip will make a difference in many
    lives. Love,Denise

  • Dad says:

    NO running, bad girl!!!!

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