Greenwood and Rockville 06/06-06/07

GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. That is how I feel right now… and here is why.

Well the 83 mile ride into Greenwood was chaotic to say the least. I clocked out around 33 miles.. and then jumped back in the game around 41 to finish the day. Michell took a trip to the hospital after a little accident on the road so I decided to take the bike out of it’s 8 mile retirement to insure there was room for her in the van. I rode with Steve and Tracey and it was going fantastic until we had about 4 miles left and decided to stop at Arby’s knowing that we wouldn’t be eating for a while upon arrival. The last 4 miles sucked to say the least. Check out Steve’s blog for details. The Bartholemew house was absolutely gorgeous. Not only was the landscaping fantastic, the interior design was impeccable and Dan got the hook up with some yummy ice cream… and McDon’s sausage mcmuffins for breakfast

After what some have been calling “over-doing it” yesterday, my knee was on throb setting today and I drove with Michell. The day was filled with some eventful moments. We met an NCIS fanatic and he gave us a shout out on his blog, the lady pack were hooked up with a sweet lunch, leftover mcmuffins were devoured, and some of us waded in a river under a bridge to escape the heat. We arrived in Rockville and set up a nice lunch spread, naps were taken, and the church provided us with an unbelievable dinner.

Hanging out in the church, it’s very apparent that the team is having a blast on the trip. While the first few days were rough, I can tell that being out of the mountains, the stress has minimized and people are really enjoying each other’s company. I’ve become team hair stylist: I’ve cut Max’s, Shea’s, and half of Eamon’s (the clippers died,¬†they’re charging). Gabrielle just decided she wants to become a gypsy. ¬†Karaokee is waiting upstairs for us and Eamon is hovering over my shoulder waiting for his haircut to be finished. On that note, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Love this church.

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  • Julie Horns says:

    Really enjoying your blog…keep writing and riding!

  • Darlene Ayres says:

    I was glad to see Eomon get the rest of his hair cut before your new adventure home. Hope your knee feels better and your journey’s find just as much excitement. God speed!

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