Gotta have it. Homewood, IL 6/9/2010

This ride was the slowest yet.  The day was lazy in anticipation for Chicago.  Too many country roads and missed cues later, we hit suburbia.  This was such a new feeling for me.  It is weird to ride through over 60 miles of country and then all of the sudden hit a city with angry drivers, smelly garbage and Cold Stone.

I stopped at a Cold Stone with a few riders before pulling into our destination.  I got a “Gotta have it”  of Germanchocolatecake.  This marked the first day of my 10 day streak of eating ice cream.  I can’t get enough of it.

Today we had a concerns meeting regarding the past weeks of riding.  After a really long, boring and extensive meeting, we finally voted for our new ride leaders.  The team elected Jordan and myself to lead the ride into San Francisco.  The job includes planning what the team eats, planning the rest stops and making sure the ride chores get done.  I am pretty happy the the team finds a leader in me not because I boss around people, but because I like to be a good example.

The night ended with Lauren, Eamon and I singing away on the piano for about forty five minutes straight about complete nonsense.  The song comprised of lyrics reflecting on Conor’s shaved beard,  Eamon slaying dragons and Tracy dancing.  Anticipation for Chicago couldn’t be higher.

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