Gillette, WY 06/30

Fantastic morning! We started the day at a diner in town for a delicious breakfast of pancakes, biscuits and gravy and bacon (: After taking off anticipating a slow start from full bellys, we caught a hearty tailwind coasting myself, Syzmon, Jordan and Shea along around 23mph. This lasted for a smooth 8 miles until we saw a sign that read “Milled Road.” “What’s a milled road I asked?” 3 seconds later, I discover that a milled road is a super bumpy one. GOOOOD MORNING I4K! A few miles of that and we were back to smooth sailing. Our discovery of the morning was the difference between South Dakota and Wyoming. No knocking SD but Wyoming is so much prettier. Everywhere you look is just natural beauty… no billboards or tourist attractions, just gorgeousness. We even rode through the “Best Town on Earth.” Jordan has a sick pic from this sign… I’ll be sure he gets it posted. I actually had so much fun at this sign that I left my cell phone there… luckily Nate, Pi, and Max decided to have their own route today (…more to come) and were at mile 27 to pick it up when I realized I left it 20some miles ahead. The other photo was once we rode into Upton…

[[Some cool photos from the day: Shea, Jordan and Syzmon riding ahead... and some of the I4K ladies at lunch.]]

Arriving into Gillette, we were hooked up at the rec center for swimming and showers. THIS POOL WAS INSANE. So awesome. Water slides, a lazy river, lilly pads, a diving board, hot tub, sauna, steam room, new BFF Anna… a group of us spent hours playing like spoiled rotten children. Just what we needed after a long day of riding in 90 degrees of heat. As if the day couldn’t get any better, our arrival back at the church was filled with the smell of burgers on a grill. No more than 15 minutes after I walked into the church, my tummy was filled with gloriousness.

I think that is all for today. We’re still waiting on the arrival of Pi, Max and Nate (…it’s 9:30… we all arrived around 2:30)… Rumor has it they rode an extra 60 miles, 30 t0 and from, in order to see the Devil’s Tower. Rumor also has it that their total milage for the day will be 140 compared to 78. But who knows if these rumors are true… I can tell you one thing, those boys are silly.

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  • Julie Horns says:

    Awesome pics! You guys and gals enliven me & entertain me nightly with your blogs. My son Ben rode in 2008, and enjoyed everything he saw, felt, and lived! Keep riding proud and strong. I feel your “happy” endorphins in everything you share, and so do those you are riding for.

  • donna kalis says:

    Hi Lauren, So enjoy your blogs,and pix. Sounds like you guys are on an awesome trip of purposeful giving and receiving. Some good folks in these here Unitrd States. Nice to see all ages, backgrounds helping one another. This is what needs to be on the daily news. Thanks again. Love, Donna

  • Colette Whicker says:

    Laura, thanks for the great blogin, is that a word….anyway…i also look forward to the blogs like i used to wait for my awesome sixth grade teacher to read a loud to us everyday before lunch….in her brilliance she managed to get all of us dying to put our heads down on our desk and pleading for her to start…and then you guessed it….”no, no one more page would be our common cry”..anyway, thanks for the pix and the time you have taken to share your journey with us…jordans ma…colette

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