Foothills. Psh. Whatever. Everett, PA 5/29/2010

We climbed hills.  80 miles. We went to bed.  This ride was the hardest yet but I hear that tomorrow’s ride will be even more challenging.  Who knew foothills could be so offensive to my physical fitness?  Can’t wait for more…. eh.

The biggest meal awated us at out stayover.  The members of the church spent all day cooking a wonderful meal of stew, prunes, applesauce and cake.  I enjoyed five cups of coffee.

A phone call rang and was answered by one of the cooks.  The mood instantly changed from excitement and engaging to one of a more serious note.  One of the women ran out of the room.  Later, the cooks filled me in on what hapened.  The sister of one of the women had been fighting cancer.  That call was to warn them that their sister had gone unconcious and had been rushed to a hospital.  I assured them that we were there for a reason and that we have hope.

I waited six hours for a thirty minute shower.  Totally worth it.

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