Fitchburg to Reedsburg, WI (And apologies for lack of posts thus far)

Let me first start out by apologizing for my consistency (or lack thereof) with my blog posts so far on this trip. Partial internet access combined with hectic and eventful days has caused me to put my blog on the backburner. Needless to say, I am going to try and make more posts from here on out. So far, I have been having an amazing summer. Seeing the country is great, and the experiences I have shared with both my teammates and with random people along the route have really been memorable. PA was gorgeous but mountainous, OH was hilly but quick, IN was the most hospitable, and IL was simply home.

Now, we are done with the first 1/3 (approx) of the trip and into WI. Most of my extended family is from here, so I have always felt as if it were a second home state. I am even a diehard Packers fan (please, save your rotten tomatos and cheesehead jokes). However, I have never gotten to see southern and western WI like I am on this trip. It is simply beautiful! The rolling hills help keep the route interesting, as well as add a bit of challenge that was lacing in some of the flatter states (ahem Land of Lincoln). Today, we left from Fitchburg (which is just outside of Madison) to Reedsburg. After a night of exploring the state capitol and UW campus, I was ready for another day of biking. The started out great, but was quickly derailed (pun points) by another flat tire; this is now my 5th one in 3 days (2 on a new tire). On the bright side, I am getting a lot faster at changing them.

After the flat however, it was smooth sailing. Today I rode in a small group of 3 with Max and Greg. The weather was fantastic, and we had a great time interacting within our group as well as with other groups we passed along the way (shout out to Conor). We did lunch around mile 52, where Mary’s family brought us some delicious sandwiches (a needed change from pb and j). We then proceeded to nap for at least an hour in the shade. We ended up rolling into the church arond 3:40.

After hanging out a little, we went and swam in the local pool for free! We had a great time just messing around with each other, and challenging some of the younger kids to competitions on the diving board. It was a much needed refreshment. Then, some of us got dinner at a Chinese buffet with Diana for a Chinese holiday that was today. I dont know if I fully understood the meaning of the celebration, but she was very happy we joined her for it.

Finally, on a very serious note, we discovered the church had an Nintendo64, and I proceeded to get first place in my first 4 consecutive races. For those who have ever doubted my domination at the game, I welcome all challengers.

Peace out for now.

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  • Colette Whicker says:

    Kyle…although i haven’t from Jordan lately I am wondering if you are considering challenging him for the ‘flat tire’ champion…i am guessing he would surrender his title with no resistance–Jorans ma

  • Colette Whicker says:

    Ooops…i spelled jordans name wrong..yikes!

  • dad says:

    hyle, where did you hide my fathers day present?


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