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There is too much to say about the trip so far as everyday is filled with new memories and inside jokes so quickly.  I have enjoyed being detached from a computer for the past couple of weeks, and therefore fallen far behind in blogging.  The biking aspect of the trip has both been a struggle and a release from my life back in Champaign- Urbana.   We have all gotten so much stronger that at least I can now feel a little less stressed about heading back into the hills.

As far as what we are biking for, the ladypack’s  interview with the florist a week ago was the first time that it actually sunk in that we are biking to raise cancer awareness and do more with our days than just bike.  Before then, I felt like it was easy to lose sight of our purpose.  After John (the creator of I4k) came to talk to us a few days ago about this ride and why it was started I feel even more motivated to talk to people that I meet along the ride.  Hearing personal stories, visiting patients, etc. is what I now aim to contribute more time to.  I look forward to our visit to Mayo Clinic  in a few days and I pledge to try to do more with the portraits project for the  remainder of the trip.  I am also going to try to blog more, so look for posts in the near future posts that are more descriptive and hopefully not written so late at night.

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  • Marci Adelston-Schafer says:

    I was glad to see your first blog. My patients would feel satisfaction at what you wrote. We miss you. Love, mom

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