Everett, Mt. Pleasant, Pittsburgh 05/29-06/01

Haven’t blogged in a while, internet has been hard to come by. Soo here’s the update.

The 84 mile ride into Everett was quite the challange but I’m proud to say I finished. The last 15 miles or so Conor, Disha and I were caught in quite the rain storm, only to get lost and have no idea where in PA we were. Coincidentally, the locals didn’t seem to have any idea where we were either, all giving different directions… After 12 hours of riding, Conor, our fearless leader, hailed down an old man in a pick-up truck and he rode us into town where we were greeted with a nice hot meal.

The next day didn’t start well, I rode about 2 miles before realizing the previous day was an overkill on the knee. Unfortunately, I took on van duty into Mt. Pleasant as well as into Pittsburgh. I’m not all that thrilled about missing out on these rides but my teammates continue to remind me that the cause we are out here for is what’s most important.

Today was a rest day in Pittsburgh. A few teammates cooked up quite the flavorful breakfast. Later in the day, Steve, Max and I took a trip to the hospital. I wanted to get back in the saddle to see how it felt, so we rode our bikes. Typically, Steve lost the key to my bike lock… and then I lost his wallet… causing us to miss the bus to the Cubs game… and then the Cubs lost to the Pirates…

In other news: Steve and I have taken on a new motto: “Making people feel uncomfortable, New York to San Francisco”

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  • Lily Foo says:

    Hi Lauren,
    I’m Priscilla’s Mum. She has yet to blog, so I’m glad you do and I have been enjoying following you( and every one that blogs too) closely. Despite all the tiredness and pain you’re going through, and therefore coming in late each day, you took the effort and time to share with us your adventure. THANKYOU! I admire your tolerance and ‘never quit’ attitude in this honourable quest.Glad to see you rise above the discouragement of getting lost and doing the extra miles despite your pain.I will continue to pray for your knee recovery and strength in your good spirits. CHEERS! More good days will be ahead of you.Lastly, be kind to your knees. Take that well deserved ride in the van if need be.

  • Nancy Odon (Steve's Ma) says:

    Did Steve find his wallet? And did you find your bike lock?

  • Lauren Mazurski lmazurski says:

    Wallet found, bike key found… we lucked out… and then made a deal to stop losing each others stuff.

  • Dad says:

    Hi Lauren,
    While your in Columbus, Ohio, your “golf boyfriend” is there in the lead at the Memorial Tournament, stop by and see him. Hang in there the flat lands are coming.
    Love Dad

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