Yesterday was the ride from Wall to Rapid city. After a strange experience at Wall ( I ate three donuts at Wall Drug, a nasty quesadilla that seemed to be made out of canned chicken and was overpriced, and way too much soda. I proceeded back to the stay over and literally passed out and I hadn’t changed out of my uniform or even showered yet) I was eager to get to the next stay over and shower and recover from the food I was apparently drugged by. The ride to Rapid city was short, slightly hilly and went a little something like this. Wake up at 5 30 in the morning, hill, downhill, hill, downhill, hill, downhill, saw a fox, hill, downhill etc. On the way to Rapid City, we passed Ellsworth Air Force Base hence the name, we didnt actually go to Ellsworth we went to Rapid City. Ana had a great idea about going on the Air Force base to buy groceries for the team since it is tax free and cheaper, and we both could get on base since we are military dependents. Unfortunately, the grocery store on base is closed on mondays and that was the day we were planning on going.

The stay over in Rapid City came close to being one of the best stay overs yet. There are 5 qualifications for best stayover.

1. Showers 2. Laundry 3. Food 4. Internet 5. Sleeping areas

The stay over had a shower, laundry right across the street, wireless internet, the sleeping areas were very spread out, and although we weren’t provided any food we had a very good mealĀ  cooked by the team and many places to eat right around the corner.

A lot of bike maintenance was done in Rapid City due to the available bike shops. One in particular was very nice because they looked over several of the team’s bikes free of charge. Another event that happened was, heading over to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Brazil vs. Chile game. Before the game I went to a grocery store with Jill and we bought food for the day to save some money. However, we ended up buying a lot more food than expected and ended up eating a ton periodically through the day. We ended up sharing some of it with other riders but I must say I was impressed at how much we ate. Now it is 1100 pm and I have to get up at 6 am. However, I have a donut, a banana, orange juice, yogurt all of which is leftover from the mountains of food I bought and the Team breakfast food to look forward to.

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  • Capt Shane Coats says:

    Jeff, Ana, and the rest of the team,

    Glad to hear/read that your trip is going so well. I bet your butts were sore many miles and states ago, but hang in there as the end will be near soon and you will ask yourself where did all the time, miles, and memories (or in your case DONUTS) go. Have fun and we can’t wait to hear about ya’lls trip during leadership lab this semester.

    Take Care,

    Capt Shane Coats
    Det 190, U of Illinois

    P.S. As a small gesture to your team my kids and I rode our bicycles around Champaign yesterday for several hours and about 20 miles. May not sound like much, but with a 12 and 8 year old it was a little work, but great family fun.

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