Coming Soon to a theater near you…

A blog post is on the horizon for all to see. One so captivating none will be disappointed. Release date TBA but you will not be disappointed.

Anyways, I’ve slacking on the blogs i know but I’ll get you all caught up on everything you need to know what’s been going on with me and I4K. Seriously. I had some technical difficulties trying to log in to blog earlier.

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  • Bill Rynecki says:

    Jeff – Where are you staying in Rochester MN?

  • Mom and Dad says:

    So…he lives. We weren’t sure you were still pedaling. We’ve been watching the weather. Looks like you may have had some rough miles. We also watched some World Cup matches for you. We will save some good ones for you to watch when you get home. You are probably getting a good look at mosquito country about now. If you see three or more talking, they are probably discussing how to carry you off. Hope the new bike is working out and hope you got some heavy duty tires since that flat. Jeffrey, we are very proud of you. Call home when you can. Charlie and Bailey say “Hi”.

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