Chitown…back in the saddle again (tomorrow!)

Since leaving the hills of PA our team has really come together. The flatlands of Illinois have given us room to destress and focus our attention on something bigger than simply making it to our next stayover. When we were in Homewood we had a great team meeting. Stephen and Jordan were elected as our new ride leaders and I have such faith in their patience and vision.

At the meeting we talked about goals of the organization that we can implement this summer and ones for the future. One of the main goals is for all of the riders to get out in the community more and Lauren assigned us all a town along the way so that we can look up cancer centers and try to plan hospital visits ahead of time. We all agreed that making a 28 person hospital visit happen isn’t as feasible as a 3 person visit because of privacy laws, etc. so we are going to do these things in shifts. Gabrielle is in charge of our portraits project and she mentioned that we should make an effort to find more diverse portraits, so we’re going to use our flip cam and try to get some of those on the road along the way. I’m so excited about all of our ideas and hopefully the team will collectively take initiative and make it happen.

Yesterday around noon we rolled (actually walked) our bikes into Millennium Park after a fun ride getting lost on the way. We were greeted by friends, family, and tons of Blackhawks fans. Even though the city was so hectic  it was great to take in the energy of all the people around us. I was greeted by my parents, my sister Carolyn and my neighbors the Juarez family (Janet, Miranda, and Conor). The team got a kick out of Conor and his refreshing water bottle fan. Some I4K alumni riders also made us a sweet cake shaped like the United States, complete with crumbled brownies to represent the mountains. We all took pictures near the bean and then headed home.

I’ve had fun chilling at home so far even though I spent a while last night waiting to be seen at urgent care. Turns out the cut on my leg from my chainring got infected so I’ll have to pop some antibiotics the next few days so that the infection doesn’t get into my blood. Fun! My dad is currently tuning up the family bikes to prepare for the ride-along tomorrow. Should be a fun time.

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  • Janet Juarez says:

    It was great fun meeting and greeting all of you at Millennium Park. You are all such an inspiration!! Miranda is still talking about the feelings she had watching all of your ride/walk in. Ride on I4K, ride on…..our prayers and suport are with you all the way!

  • Sheila Saccomanno says:

    My daughter Gina lives in Rochester, MN and works at Mayo.

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