Today we got a late wake up…0630!!! The extra sleep and the amazing breakfast provided by the church which included pancakes, french toast, fruit, and hot coffee prepared us for our long 30 mile ride today. We also listened to Kanye West’s Homecoming, Chicago’s anthem, to get us pumped for the ride into Chicago. Soon after Eamon read the Little Engine That Could to us for his Mosher which was great motivation for the ride. We began the ride into Chicago which took us through some pretty shady neighborhoods and got really lost. Our 30 mile ride soon turned into a 40 mile ride. We finally arrived to Millennium Park in a very anti-climatic entrance…we walked our bikes into the park. The park was filled with Blackhawk fans and Illini 4000 supporters who made us feel like Lance Armstrong. After taking approximately a million pictures we ate cake and rode to the UIC dorms to pick up our gear and drop off our bikes. Jeff and I ate lunch with my brother Johnny and my Mom while watching the World Cup match with France vs. Uruguay. Afterwards. we drove to my big brother Kevin’s house and took showers, washed clothes, and relaxed while watching Toy Story and Hercules. A great day!

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