Chapter the First: Day 14

So it has been a very, very long time since my last blog, but it is finally time to put a new team perspective out on the interwebs, so here we go. I promise to try to keep this up….

We are officially 2 weeks into the trip, and it is a unanimous consensus from the team that it feels like AT LEAST 2 months. But not the kind of 2 months that you dread; more like the kind of drawn out time spent idly in the summer where I can picture myself in a movie with the voice of Morgan Freeman narrating a montage of our summer spent cycling across the USA. “They were a young group of 28, young and exuberant, heading straight across the country and creating memories that would define their lives…” I can hear his voice now.

Our trial by fire is over, and the team has settled in. We survived the Appalachians and our bodies are now stronger for it. Personally, I have been pushing myself every other day to ride harder for longer. I have definitely come a long way as a cyclist, both physically and mentally. Everytime the wind picks up or the the hills get a bit steeper, and the burning sensation in my legs get to the point where I want to quit, I tell myself, “The burning sensation will always go away, just keep pedaling and it’ll go away.” And eventually it does. OR I just follow Shea’s lead and chomp the hills out of my saddle while screaming “OM NOM NOM NOM.”

As far as the team synergy goes, I’d say we have a unique dynamic going for us. We are one part crazy-madhouse family of 28 and one part disciplined army of strict, regimented and disciplined personnel with responsibilities and orders to complete.  And we can go from one to another in a moments notice. Its quite an amazing feat. I’d say Nate has mastered the art of transition more so than any other rider; he is capable of napping on any horizontal surface in less time than it takes to say “You’ve been mosher-ed.”

The part of the journey so far that has affected me the most has been the hospitality and graciousness of our hosts. Everywhere we stay, people just want to give us help and aid us in our journey. It seems that the only thing they want in return is to be part of our amazing experience; to me, that is the most wonderful part of this whole trip. We, as an organization, have decided to do something that has such momentum and gravitas, it draws everyone in our path toward our cause. Everyone just wants to help, and its a beautiful thing. This journey brings the best out of everyone, and though we have lost some friends and family or have someone who is currently battling cancer, our trip breeds hope, and that is the most powerful weapon we have.

I’ll never forget the words that the pastor from Everett told us.

“Suffering builds endurance, endurance builds character, character breeds hope. And hope NEVER fails”

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  • Julie Horns says:

    Fabulous entry…speaks on every level to what matters about what you guys are doing. It’s only gonna get better…enjoy every second!

  • maral says:

    what a great entry – keep riding, keep blogging – continue to share with us all your great stories! can’t wait to see you in chicago!

  • Amu Reza says:

    Piyum Jan, I don’t know how hard it will be, I don’t know what challenges are ahead of you but I know, a good way to know yourself is to reflect on what you have gone through and for what cause. Keep writing and if you get chance take pictures. Enjoy it.

  • Kristen says:

    This is so energizing! You really have a way with your words, and obviously with your physical endurance as well! Keep listening to Morgan Freeman, he’ll help you get through, and hey, maybe one day he will be narrating for you- you are on your way to California after all! Only a few more days until Chicago and we’re all cheering for you! Go Piyum, Go Team!

  • Kizzie says:

    You are such an inspiration Piyum! I met you only once at SHC and I must say that your drive/focus to accomplish your set goals is amazing.

    Keep enduring til the end!


  • ychang Yiming Chang says:

    I love your entry. The pastor’s words just brillance =) stay punk

  • Chris says:

    Piyum – great article. What you’re doing isn’t only personally rewarding for you I’m sure, but know that you’re doing something that ultimately will pay dividends for families in America touched by the scourge of cancer. Thanks again!

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